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We use a holistic approach to empower parents with kids ages 0-6 to overcome sleep challenges and nurture healthy sleep habits. This creates confidence in their bedtime skills, so that they can become their child’s sleep experts!

The foundation of our work is based on the conviction that A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP IS FUNDAMENTAL TO A CHILD’S GROWTH AND SERENITY OF THE ENTIRE FAMILY.

Our approach

Raising happy and healthy children, restoring peace and quiet to your home. This is the tenet of our work.

We guide parents to help their children sleep better with a method that is:

Certified Baby Sleep Consultants


We take into consideration all the factors that influence a child’s sleep: emotional, physical, behavioural, environmental… because there is so much more to sleep than meets the eye, and everything needs to be taken into consideration to improve the rest of your child!

Certified Baby Sleep Consultants

100% Customized

Parents will lovingly lead the child to sleep with autonomy, on a structured path based on the needs of the child and the family. Our programs are designed with total flexibility, with modern parenting in mind. 

Certified Baby Sleep Consultants


We use gentle and respectful methods, as we believe this is key to raising happy, healthy babies and confident, carefree children. This means that they will never be left alone to cry. 

Certified Baby Sleep Consultants


We are certified pediatric sleep consultants. Our approach and advice are guided by the science of the Sleep Sense™ method. 

Certified Baby Sleep Consultants

Hand in hand

You will never be alone! This is a journey that we will embark on together, from start to finish.


Founder and certified sleep consultant

I carry an Italian passport, but I consider myself European: I have lived in 5 different countries, and I speak 4 languages (Italian, French, English and Spanish).

Like any practical woman, I believed that everything could be achieved by applying and following the rules… until I became a mother! From that moment on, I felt lost without a map. Breastfeeding was the first major hurdle to face, which was overcome with fatigue, but then my daughter fought sleep! Dad and I improvised nightly entertainment: lullabies, hops on the spot, breast-bottle duets, endless rides in the pram from the living room to the bedroom… and the more we tried, the less he slept!

I read, I studied, I researched. We tried everything, but it felt impossible to escape this vicious circle of fatigue and frustration. I finally gave in and consulted a sleep counsellor, who literally changed our lives in just a few nights! From that moment on, it has become my mission to help other families like mine take back their nights. I chose to follow the American Sleep Sense Academy in becoming a certified sleep consultant. This method focuses on the importance of SLEEP in the growth of children and has taught me to welcome and cultivate their needs.

If you decide to take this journey with me, we will build a simple yet effective plan tailored to the needs of your child and family. Our programmes are designed with total flexibility and peaceful parenting in mind. The child will learn to sleep, the parents will be present, and I will serve as a guide and be available throughout the entire process.


Founder and certified sleep consultant

I am a French mum of two amazing kids. Before living in Italy, I lived in 3 other countries.

I have 15 years of experience working in banking and technology, a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree in finance. My past has been filled with many adventures, and yet 7 years ago when I gave birth to my son, I was so tired that I would have happily done anything in exchange for eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. My brain couldn’t figure out how to achieve restful sleep again. All the while I kept thinking, millions of people are having babies, surely this shouldn’t be so hard. I did “all the right things” – the books, classes, etc. The advice was conflicting and confusing – I was lost. That is when I decided to get help: I contacted a sleep consultant to assist me, and since then I became a firm believer in the importance of asking for help for all things related to the adventure that we call motherhood.

Years forward, I am still very passionate about sleep. When Cristina told me about her becoming a Sleep Sense certified consultant, I decided it was time for me to give back the help that I had with my first child. This led Nanna A Porter to be born.

With NAP, I want to fulfil my passion of helping others by supporting parents with sleep challenges they may face. It is an honour and privilege to share my experience with loving parents who understand that sleep is fundamental to their child’s growth and development and are interested in strategies to help their children sleep better.

Dreamland is just a sleep plan away

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Certified Baby Sleep Consultants