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As holistic sleep consultants, we are dedicated to providing sleep solutions that offer sweet dreams for children, and peaceful nights for parents.

Let’s be honest; raising little humans is HARD WORK. This is especially so when your little one is not sleeping, and bedtime becomes your worst nightmare. But this CAN change! We are here to guide you in raising happy and healthy sleepers.

As certified sleep consultants, our mission is to re-establish peace and quiet in your home, and say goodbye to sleepless nights. We help tired, sleep-deprived parents learn effective tools to create restorative sleep habits, so the whole family can thrive.

As moms, we have experienced what it means to be sleep deprived, with early mornings and, frequent night waking. Being a parent is one of the greatest joys in the world, but it comes with challenges; when a lack of sleep is added to the mix, it results in irritability, impatience, and frustration.

Sleep is a biological necessity; we cannot function without it. Let’s team up to develop a bespoke plan that works for you and help you become your child’s sleep expert.

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The Nanna A Porter team

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We are Cristina and Meriame, the dynamic duo behind Nanna a Porter. We met during our university studies in Paris, France, and became fast friends. Years later, we were fortunate enough to be reunited in Milan, Italy, where we are currently based, each with our own two children.

We used to chat over a glass of white wine about our university nights out… then we started to chat over a large cup of coffee to complain about our sleepless nights, sharing tips about how to improve our little ones’ sleep! It was from this that our shared passion was discovered, which led us to become certified sleep consultants. Our evenings once again have a ”happy hour”, but in a very different, and more fulfilling way.

As both of us have personally experienced sleep deprivation, we know exactly about the worry and concern it creates. With our knowledge and training, we are able to offer the most suitable route to meet the needs of parents and support families. We offer consultancy packages for different age groups of children, and personalised sleep plansfor the needs of each child to find peace at night with delicate, safe, and effective methods. In addition to assisting with the best sleep methods and strategies, we also leverage our international background when working with multi-cultural families.

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Let’s have a chat! Book a 20-minute free call with us so we can learn more about your family’s night-time routines, and help you transform bedtime into the best time.

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