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How to Handle a Day Trip with a Baby

We are here to provide you with some valuable advice on how to tackle a trip with your little one. We know how adventurous traveling with a baby can be, but rest assured it can be done calmly and enjoyably. As sleep consultants, we want to share our knowledge with you to make every trip a pleasant experience for everyone.

Sleep and Movement

When it comes to traveling with a baby, one of the first thoughts that may cross your mind is, ‘When will the baby nap? Where will they sleep?’ Well, know that movement can be your ally. What are we talking about? The car, stroller, baby carrier… they can help with sleep!

During the car ride, you may initially encounter some challenges, but don’t be discouraged! After the storm, there’s always calm. In the first 10-15 minutes (which may seem endless) of crying and protests, your little one will eventually drift into a peaceful sleep. Don’t worry; it’s all perfectly normal! These cries serve your children to release tension and prepare for sleep. It’s a physiological behavior that helps them fall asleep more easily.

Once you reach your destination, your little one might take an unexpected nap while in the baby carrier during a mountain hike or in the stroller while exploring a city. Don’t worry if there are additional naps compared to what they are used to at home.

The Trip Is for Enjoyment

Remember, the main reason for taking a trip is to be happy. Whether it’s to visit friends, explore a castle, or simply break away from the daily routine, the goal is to enjoy the moment. So, if the trip doesn’t align with the perfect nap times, don’t worry.

If the destination of our trip is a barbecue at a friend’s house or a day on a farm, how do you propose a nap?

Don’t insist! We don’t want to see you wandering around the farm for 3 hours with a screaming baby in the stroller. The baby is in a new place, surrounded by children, flowers, and animals, and doesn’t want to sleep!

However, if you notice that your baby is struggling to handle all the stimuli, perhaps didn’t fall asleep during the journey, and is clearly tired, then try to distance yourselves from the stimuli. Find a quieter place, like a separate room if you are at a friend’s house, or go outside if you are on a farm. It’s not necessary for the baby to fall asleep at all costs; your primary goal is to make them feel well. And if they happen to fall asleep in your arms… that’s perfectly fine too!

Returning Home: Stick to the Bedtime

When you get back home, try to stick to the baby’s usual bedtime. There might be a slightly restless night or an early morning wake-up, but don’t worry.

Don’t give up on taking a trip just because you fear that your baby’s sleep might be disturbed. The experiences and memories of a trip will far outweigh a sleepless night.

In conclusion, remember that every trip is an adventure and an opportunity to create precious memories. Despite the challenges, you can make every journey a pleasant experience for you and your baby. Sleep is important, but so is having fun. Take the time to enjoy every moment together.

Safe travels!

With affection,

Your Sleep Consultants NAP

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