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Sweet Dreams: 4 Tips to Better Baby Sleep

4 Tips to Better Baby Sleep

“What should be done eventually, must be done immediately.” This quote from a college athletics administrator holds true not just in sports but also in the world of parenting, especially when it comes to babies. Many parents often find themselves putting off sleep training or relying on short-term solutions, leading to future sleep problems. As […]

Transitioning from 2 Naps to 1 Nap per Day

Nap Transitioning

Nap transitions can be one of the many reasons why children’s sleep may seem complicated. In the first year of life, your baby goes through many of these transitions! From several naps a day as a newborn, to only one nap when they reach their first year. Each time a nap is eliminated, bedtime is […]

Navigating Baby’s Sleep Schedule During the Holidays: A Guide for Superhero Parents

Navigating Baby's Sleep Schedule During the Holidays

Traveling with a baby can be both exciting and challenging, especially when you want to maintain their sleep schedule. With friends and relatives eager to see the little one and so many engaging activities during your trip, it’s tempting to let the schedule slide. However, as pediatric sleep consultants, we strongly advise sticking to the […]

Creating the Perfect Nursery: A Comprehensive Guide for Optimal Baby Sleep

Creating the Perfect Nursery A Guide for a Restful Baby Sleep

When the excitement of expecting a baby sets in, thoughts of the perfect nursery often follow suit. If you’re like me, you might have plunged headfirst into the world of Pinterest, envisioning a space filled with adorable decorations. However, as I reflect on my own experience, I realize the importance of focusing on creating a […]

Teething and Baby Sleep: Separating Fact from Fiction

Does Teething Affect my Baby?

Teething and baby sleep are topics that often go hand in hand for parents. When it comes to Teething and Baby Sleep, parents often associate teething with various baby troubles, including fevers, excessive crying, and tummy issues. When it comes to parenting, teething is frequently blamed for various baby troubles, including fevers, excessive crying, and […]

Starting Nursery or Preschool: Dealing with Sleep Regressions

Dealing with Sleep Regressions

Introduction: September and October mark the beginning of nursery and preschool for many children, which can be a source of concern for parents, especially if their little ones have never attended these environments or have experienced a long summer break. Handling Separation Anxiety: One of the most common challenges during this period is separation anxiety, […]

Why Does My Baby Wake in the Night??

Mom managing babies wake up at night

That right there might be the single most common question new parents ask. Is it a developmental milestone? A regression? Are they getting too much sleep during the day, or not enough? Maybe they’re just hungry. Maybe they’re too hot, or too cold. Well, the truth is that it could be any of those things, […]

5 Common Myths About Baby’s Sleep

Sleeping baby. Common Baby Sleep Myths

I can clearly remember, like most mothers I’m sure, the very moment I gave birth to my first child. I was absolutely buried in feelings of love and gratitude. And then, about ten to fifteen seconds later, I was equally buried in advice, suggestions, and information. This was all thrown at me with the best […]

The Four Month Sleep Regression

Four Month Sleep Regression

As a professional sleep consultant, I hear the term “regression” used in regards to just about every imaginable circumstance. Essentially, if baby doesn’t sleep well for a couple of nights, parents start dropping the ‘R’ word. Some people subscribe to the idea that there’s an eight month regression, a 9 month regression, a 1 year […]